Massive Gain

Product Description

We have came a long way from where we have started. In order to set another milestone in providing our customer unmatched taste and advanced composition. We at Bodyflex Health Nutrition has come up with Massive gain a whole new muscle gainer fortified with creatine, L- Taurine, Beta- Alanine and L-Arginine to provide an extra support to athletes/ gym freaks who are trying to gain good quality muscles Why Buy Bodyflex Massive Gain Creatine- Helps improving strength & workout L-Arginine- Helps improving cardiovascular health L-Taurine- Helps improving concentration Beta Alanine - Decreases muscle fatigue

    • Size : 1kg
    • Price : Rs. 1300/-
    • Size : 3 kg
    • Price : Rs. 3700/-
    • Size : 5 kg
    • Price : Rs. 50000/-